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Column:Company News Time:2016-10-22
Good sight plus blind spot alerts and other electronic aids allow the driver to more easily judge and operate the car. However, even in the event of an emergency...

Good sight plus blind spot alerts and other electronic aids allow the driver to more easily judge and operate the car. However, even in the event of an emergency, even if the driver makes correct and immediate judgments, the dynamics of the vehicle may still be out of control due to exceeding the physical limits, not to mention the intricacies of being in front of an accident. In the case of excessive stress, the probability of making a mistake is quite high, An electronic system that focuses on the dynamics of the car is also born. We will skip the previously mentioned ESC electronic dynamic stability system, TPMS tire pressure detection system and other common active safety configuration.

Often see congestion because of the car too close and hit the car in front of the accident, the urban road speed though not fast, but many people in the urban areas are relatively well-dedication when driving faster. Coupled with life is only distracted by mobile phones and car audio system drivers, driving a red light or congestion, the mind is often not on the road. Auto brake system is to prevent the front of the driver's response to obstacles in the front too slow, through the front windshield radar and video detection system, to grasp the traffic flow in front of the road, after the warning tone to remind the driver if there is no reaction, the car will Automatic brake. In general, the speed of 15 ~ 30km / h or less, the car can automatically brake; faster speed, it can only slow down the impact damage, can not be completely stopped.

Early active braking system can only identify large objects such as cars, has now been identified pedestrians and riders, some manufacturers of automatic brake assist also incorporates Cross-traffic traffic detection system, driving to the intersection, Pre-mastered the car and brake automatically when there is a risk of collision, and even when the car is sliding backwards or reversing, it can detect the vehicle and take the brake.

On the highway, the most effective configuration for long-distance driving should belong to the cruise control system. In the past, the latest cruise control system has evolved into an ACC adaptive cruise control system that can maintain and control the vehicle distance. After the driver has finished setting the vehicle speed and vehicle speed, he can release the throttle even without braking Need, as long as the focus on controlling the steering wheel is good. The system will be automatically released when the driver brakes.

Due to the terrain relationship of the highway, at the exit of the tunnel, strong crosswinds are generated on the bridge, and sometimes the gusts hit even the car may deviate from the lane! Do not worry, clever manufacturers have already introduced the crosswind drift aiding system. The Crosswind Aid Assist system detects vehicle dynamics with the ESC system. When a vehicle is encountering a strong gust attack, the system automatically brakes the windward-side wheels to reduce the risk of the vehicle deviating from the lane. When the cross wind assist system intervenes, the driver can get a hint from the dashboard light.

We often see a kind of traffic accident in the news because of accidents caused by fatigue driving or physical discomfort. In view of this situation, manufacturers of course, there are security technology to protect passenger safety. The first is the fatigue driving assistance system, when the speed exceeds 65km / h or more, the system will start to calculate the driving fatigue index through the steering system, the feedback of various pedals and the acceleration conditions. When judging the poor driving spirit, The dashboard will remind the driver to take a break with the icon and warning tone. If there is no stop within 15 minutes after the warning tone is issued, a reminder will be issued continuously.

In the case of unexpected physical conditions, such as driver's sudden heart problems, what to do? At this time you can use the EPB electronic parking system, in the emergency passengers only need to pull the start button, the car gradually brake To stop. Of course, the safety and technological capabilities of the automotive industry is not limited to this, Mercedes-Benz semi-automatic driving capabilities of the new E-Class, in addition to the integration of the active speed cruising, lane assist system and other advanced systems, if the driver detected the driver left the steering wheel too long, Automatically stop the brake, to avoid the driver may be due to physical conditions may result in traffic accidents.